Pre-school : Play-Group / Nursery / Jr. KG / Sr. KG

Today’s culture and tomorrow’s future is driven by education. Education is root in being a positive, creative and healthy human being. We have a specialized curriculum for children of preschool age. Children this small learn through play. They enjoy and tend to discover things on their own. We are committed to providing a safe exploratory space to encourage and foster their natural curiosity. We guide, we explain, we elaborate and we evaluate.

Children learn best by experimenting with the learning environment through hands-on activities and play, which is a vital part of our classroom setup. Our structured lesson plans include various art and craft activities, discussions, concept demonstrations, object talks and picture talks, storytelling sessions, rhymes which we use collectively as a tool for reinforcement.

Physical play on the well-equipped playground


Situated over 8000 square feet property, we offer ample Playspace comprising of 5000 square feet well-equipped playground for children of all ages.
Our Outdoor play-area with child-safe equipment has a plethora of options to engage a child,
• A shared and safe indoor space – An alternative for the rainy or too hot days
• Age-appropriate Sports Curriculum designed by acclaimed and trained sports personnel
• Physical activities designed to promote the development of Gross and Finer motor skills
• Dedicated time allocation for unstructured play

Group and individual creative activities

Craft activities encourage children to do, feel, think, talk and express. It provides ample opportunities for exploring and experimenting. They get a chance to use, shape, feel different materials. It may serve as a medium of self-expression for their imagination, fears, and feelings. Group activities help in social interactions and the social development of a child. It also helps with concept reinforcement, eye-hand foot coordination and muscular control.



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Most children love digging in the soil, getting dirty, creating things and watching plants grow. Children can learn new skills, have fun, play and develop self-confidence by spending time in the garden.

These educational skills include:
1. Understanding new concepts - The process of sowing of seeds, Germination, Lifecycle of plants, etc
2. Love for nature - Children love being outdoors and they love getting dirty in the soil. We let them enjoy the sun and pleasant texture of red soil under their bare feet!
3. Physical activity - Being on soil is not only limited to observing plants. Children also run about in the soil and water the plants. It's fun and science.
4. Nurturing and caring for a living being - Children are taught to plant and care for the plant themselves. They are taught to be responsible for the plant they grew. Watering those plants and helping them grow. Watching them grow is a source of immense joy and fascination for children.
5. Science - learning though gardening is all about the science of plants, weather, environment, farmers, crops and nutrition. The list is never-ending!
6. Teamwork - They learn to be social and work as part of a group. It helps them evolve and helps their social development.

Storytelling sessions

Storytelling is an art that helps children in many forms.
• It entertains, helps them relax and gives them pleasure
• It encourages self-expression
• It stimulates imagination and curiosity
• It increases attention span and concentration
• It encourages listening

• It can be used to indirectly teach concepts or morals
1. To differentiate between right and wrong
2. Social awareness and moral premise
3. Effective communication

• Linguistic development
1. Vocabulary
2. Comprehension
3. Sequence of ideas
4. Grammar
5. Pronunciations
6. Develop an appreciation for literature