Day Care Program

Day Care Program

Day Care Activities

Children spend maximum time away from home, building healthy eating habits and meeting their nutritional requirements plays a crucial role. We believe that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.  We provide Hearty breakfast, healthy snacks and delicious and well-balanced meals from our fully equipped kitchen. We have a pre-set meal and sleep schedule that is followed with discipline so that children are well-rested and well-fed at all times.

We have allocated fixed time for older children to complete their homework or other class assignments under parent’s guidance. The trained staff will assist children when required.




Physical play on the well-equipped playground. Our Outdoor play-area with child-safe equipment has a plethora of options to engage a child,

Dedicated time allocation for unstructured play.

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Yoga and meditation. Daily chanting of shlokas.

Suitable for children of age 2 to 10



We have Phonics sessions for daycare children thrice a week. These sessions include an introduction to basic sounds, blends, diagraphs, worksheets, sight words, etc

We also have Information time when we encourage children to discuss Current matters, History, Geography, Project related information sharing

We reinforce Science concepts / Mathematical comparative concepts and also have Science practice worksheets and Maths practice worksheets