We, as parents, want the best for our child. We do our best to provide the right kind of environment and learning experience for our child. We are also aware of the limitations, constraints of time. The relaxed, curious feeding, nature connected, the enjoyable environment of old days is hard to be found in this age where nuclear families are running around to make the ends meet and survive.


Can we still make that little extra effort in available time and see the smiles grow on our child's face?


We most definitely can!


Here are some ways you may spend some time with your child without affecting your routine all that much and still be able to bond with them big time!


  1. Bedtime stories –

Put those videos/audios aside and talk to your child. Just cuddles, small talk and listening to their stories will work wonders for them. Give five minutes daily for the book reading. You read stories for them and listen when they try to read it to you. Correct them if they make mistakes.


  1. Have meals together –

Have you noticed that children eat better when everyone is sitting at the table beside them? Yes, they do! And again, put those mobiles aside and sing them a song. Ask them questions. Tell them about your day! Ask them about theirs! Just have some family time together.


  1. Time for cuddles –

Don’t miss an opportunity for a cuddle!! Ever!! Physical touch is very important for children. Cuddle... Hug... Hold hands while walking... Show affection whenever you can!


  1. Question answer time –

While you drive them to school, why not have a fun question-answer session? As them to name words starting from a specific letter. Ask them to talk about their favorite things or activities. Ask them to narrate stories for you.


  1. Picnics / Outings –

Children simply love being outdoors. Instead of planning a movie date with your child, plan a picnic. Involve them in packing. Allow them to pick the menu. Let them set the meals. You feed them all the time. How about you allow them to feed you for a change?


  1. Quite a time every day –

Children by nature are curious by nature and they love exploring. But, they need that quiet time as well. Put on some soothing music and listen together. Try simple yoga and meditation. It’s a habit they will appreciate lifelong.


  1. Wake up calls –

Is your child a late riser?? Do you always have to call up several times for them to wake up? Is morning cries a routine for you? Try a soft featherlike caress instead. Put them to sleep early. Cooing and whispering sweet words in their ears wakes them up and puts a smile on their lips. Ask them if they are ready to wake up. Allow a minute of just lying downtime. It will give you that extra special bonding minute with your child at the start of the day.


  1. No technology time –

It’s no use asking them not to watch TV all the time. You yourself have to switch off TV / Laptop / Mobiles and Just dance with them instead!! And believe me, it will be so much more fulfilling to see their smiling faces.


  1. Laugh with them –

Laugh with them. Play with them. Watch their silly cartoons with them and crack silly jokes. Watch their eyes open wide with wonder!


  1. Focus on them –

Look them in the eyes and talk to them. Even when you are scolding them! Help them understand that they matter a lot to you and you will have meaningful conversations with them in the future as well. It’s their first step to recognize their individuality.