About Discovery Play House

Discovery Playhouse is a pre-school with a difference. We are a contemporary pre-school with deep-rooted traditional Indian values of education and holistic development of children.

  • Our facilities:
    Spread over 8000 square feet, our facilities include well-equipped learning and resting areas and a seecure 5000 square feetwalled and fenced playground.
  • Our Values:
    Our values represent a set of fundamental beliefs about how we should operate and dictate our daily behaviour and the decisions we make.
  • As an organization we stand by the following values:
    • Safety:
      Discovery Playhouse will provide s safe environment for all.
    • Positive learning environment: A stimulating and engaging learning environment supported by qualified staff and exceptional infrastructure.
    • Inclusion: All children are welcome.
    • Respect: Mutual respect.
    • Accountability: Transparent and open communication with all stakeholders is the key to building long-term relationships.
    • Partnership: We will work jointly with children and parents to form mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide high-quality education and childcare in a safe and stimulating environment and build a strong foundation for every child’s life-long learning and development.

Why Discovery Playhouse:

  • Exceptional learning experiences in natural settings
  • Focus on child’s nutrition and physical fitness
  • Nature, Technology center, science and innovation center
  • Role plays / dramatization
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Age appropriate Sports curriculum designed by acclaimed and  trained sports personnel
  • Book reading

Who are we?

We love who we are and what we do!!

We are a team of professionals who are first and foremost ‘Parents’, so we can see the world through your eyes and know what your expectations are from a child-care center. We appreciate this chance to shape your child’s foundation years. We hope your child has a life full of new experiences and continual learning!


Swapnali Jadhav

Sapana Mankar

discovery playhouse

Swapnali is a professionally trained educator. She has had a chance to work with different cultures and understand Early Childhood Education in a few countries which has been an enriching experience.

With Engineering degree from Government College Of Engineering, Pune and SAP certification, she has had enriching and rewarding career in Engineering and IT fields for several years! She is a passionate, empathetic, caring and happy human being who has now committed herself to creating a difference in Early Childhood Education in India.

Sapana is a trained teacher who is passionate about teaching. She loves young children and tries her best in fostering their love for learning and innate curiosity about all things in life. She loves reading in her spare time


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Yogita is a passionate teacher with 3 years of rich experience working with children. She loves to experiment with new teaching methods and share new experiences with her students. She has a knack of getting on the child's level for face to face interactions. She loves reading and art and craft.